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Thuan Yen Industrial Park In Kien Giang Province


Thuan Yen Industrial Park is located in Thuan Yen Commune, Ha Tien Town, Kien Giang Province.

Thuan Yen Industrial Park is one of the potential industrial zones of Kien Giang Province that is attracting domestic and foreign investors. At the same time, creating jobs and improving the living standards of local workers. The system of trees is arranged alternately between other functional areas to create green space to protect the environment.

Advantages of the traffic of businesses operating in Thuan Yen Industrial Park

The industrial zone is planned at the location of the arterial traffic, located on the National Highway N1, connecting with National Highway 80 and the southern coastal corridor; The river route is adjacent to the Rach Gia – Ha Tien canal connecting to the Gulf of Thailand, very convenient for trading and transporting goods by road and waterway, specifically as follows:


  • Located on National Highway N1
  • Located 16km from Ha Tien International Border Gate
  • Located 8km from the center of Ha Tien Town
  • Located 80km from Rach Gia City


  • 30km from Hon Chong Port
  • 8km from Bai Vong Port


  • 107km from Can Tho Airport
  • 92km from Rach Gia Airport

Investor: Economic Zone Management Board of Kien Giang Province

Area of Thuan Yen Industrial Park: The industrial park was built on a large scale with a total area of 133.95ha.

Economic planning:

  • Production and processing of seafood
  • Producing animal and poultry feed
  • Electronic assembly industry, packaging
  • Pharmaceutical industry – cosmetics
  • Producing and processing agricultural products
  • Processing vegetables and fruit products
  • Mining industry and building materials production
  • Industry of consumer goods, textiles, handicrafts
  • Warehousing, service and some other industries with less environmental pollution

Preferential policies at Thuan Yen Industrial Park:

Exemption and reduction of corporate income tax

  • 17% reduction in 10 years; exempted for 02 years and reduced by 50% from taxable income for the next 4 years.

Exemption and reduction of land rent

  • Exemption of land rent for 11 years since the project is completed and put into operation. Exemption from land rent during the period of temporary suspension of construction or operation due to difficulties in the project must be suspended when certified by the investment licensing agency.
  • 50% reduction of land rent during the period of production and business shutdown in the event of a natural disaster, fire, or force majeure accident.

Export tax, import tax

Exemption from import tax to create fixed assets, including:

  • Machinery, equipment, components, details, separate parts, spare parts for synchronous assembly or synchronous use with machinery, equipment, raw materials and supplies used to manufacture machinery and equipment or to manufacture components, details, loose parts, spare parts of machinery and equipment.
  • Specialized means of transport in the technological line directly used for production activities of the project, construction materials that cannot be produced domestically.

Main products of Thuan Yen Industrial Park:

  • Factory for rent is available
  • Industrial parkland for rent
  • Leasing land and building factories on request

Other utilities of Thuan Yen Industrial Park:

  • Security system
  • Internal infrastructure system
  • Water supply and drainage system
  • Clean water supply system
  • Garbage and wastewater treatment system
  • Fire protection system
  • Automatic wastewater monitoring system

In addition, businesses operating in Thuan Yen Industrial Park, Kien Giang Province will be able to use the preferential services of the Vinasc Group system. Specific services such as:

  • Accounting service
  • Auditing service
  • Tax consulting service
  • Appraisal service
  • Established business services
  • Legal and license consulting services
  • Consulting and building internal control process services
  • Work permit, temporary residence services for foreigners

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