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Dong Van V Industrial Park In Ha Nam Province


Dong Van V Industrial Park is located in Tien Noi Ward, Tien Ngoai Commune, Yen Nam Commune, Duy Tien Town, Ha Nam Province.

Dong Van V Industrial Park is one of the potential industrial zones of Ha Nam province that is attracting domestic and foreign investors. At the same time, creating jobs and improving the living standards of local workers. The system of trees is arranged alternately between other functional areas to create green space to protect the environment. Infrastructure is being built, and enjoy many preferential regimes when investing.

Advantages of the traffic of enterprises operating in Dong Van V Industrial Park:

The industrial park has a strategic location for industrial development business, goods and vehicles are easily accessible to key locations both by road, by sea, by air, specifically:


  • 47km from the center of Hanoi
  • 3km from Phu Ly City


  • 70km from Hai Phong Port
  • 4km from Yen Lenh river port


  • 142km from Cat Bi Airport
  • 55km from Noi Bai International Airport

Investor: Updating

Area of Dong Van V Industrial Park: The industrial park was built on a large scale with a total area of 250ha.

Economic planning:

  • Electronic industry
  • Mechanical assembly industry
  • Interior decoration industry
  • Building materials industry
  • Plastic processing industry, cosmetic chemistry
  • Agricultural and aquatic food processing industry
  • High-class ceramic art production industry
  • Other industries: garment, embroidery, leather shoes for export

Tax incentives in Dong Van V Industrial Park:

Corporate income tax incentives

  • Tax rate of 10% throughout the operation period for income of enterprises implementing projects and socializing activities in the fields of education – training, vocational training, health, culture, sports, environment school, judicial assessment.
  • 10% corporate income tax rate for enterprises investing in building social housing in the University Area just for rent.

Land rental incentives

  • Land lease contract lasts up to 50 years
  • The province hands over clean land for investors to invest in projects
  • Exemption from land rent for 3 -15 years with projects on the list of investment incentives of the province

Annual tax incentives

  • Apply the preferential tax rate of 10% within 15 years
  • Tax-free for the first 2 years and 50% off for the next 4 years
  • Having policies to support training and recruiting workers for businesses

Import and export tax incentives

  • Tax exemption for goods imported for processing or production for export, after which a domestic enterprise hires an export processing enterprise to re-process, the value of exported raw materials, supplies and components constituting the product shall be exempted from tax. processed products.
  • Tax exemption, 0% tax rate or special preferential tax on par with goods imported from abroad or from a non-tariff zone without violating international commitments and treaties to which Vietnam has joined.

Main products of the industrial zone:

  • Factory for rent is available
  • Industrial parkland for rent
  • Leasing land and building factories on request

Other facilities of Dong Van V Industrial Park:

  • Security system
  • Customs system
  • Internal infrastructure system
  • Water supply and drainage system
  • Garbage and wastewater treatment system
  • Clean water supply system
  • Fire protection system

In addition, businesses operating in Dong Van V Industrial Park will be able to use the preferential services of the Vinasc Group system. Specific services such as:

  • Accounting service
  • Auditing service
  • Tax consulting service
  • Appraisal service
  • Established business services
  • Legal and license consulting services
  • Consulting and building internal control process services
  • Work permit, temporary residence services for foreigners

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