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Bo Y Economic Zone In Kon Tum Province


Bo Y Economic Zone is located in Bo Y Commune, Ngoc Hoi District, Kon Tum Province.

This is a dynamic economic zone, the center of the development triangle of three countries Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia, which has its own operating regulations, and built modern technical and social infrastructure set. To develop into a grade II city in the border area, associated with the East-West economic corridor of the region, in order to effectively exploit geographical – political – economic – social conditions, located in a strategic location important for national defense and security.

Traffic advantages of businesses operating in Bo Y Economic Zone

The economic zone is well known for being the shortest and most convenient route connecting the provinces of the Central Highlands, Central Coast, and Southeast with the provinces of Northeast Thailand, Northeast Cambodia, and Southern Laos, can go through Bo Y international border gate NT 18, N5 road, National Highway 14, the road to the industrial park has a width of 36m.


  • Located 250km from Da Nang City
  • Located 250km from Quang Nam City
  • Located 260km from Quang Ngai City
  • Located 110km from Attapu of Laos
  • Located 280km from Quy Nhon City
  • Located 250km from Champasak of Laos
  • Located 340km from Ubon of Thailand
  • Located 697km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City


  • 120km from Pleiku Airport

Investor: Provincial Civil and Industrial Construction Investment Project Management Board

Area of Bo Y Economic Zone: The economic zone was built on a large scale with a total area of 70,438ha.

Economic planning:

  • Producing tapioca starch, processing forest products
  • Exploiting and trading in building materials
  • Prefab frame house made of wood, aluminum and glass
  • Producing handicrafts and bamboo toothpicks, bamboo chopsticks for export
  • Provide products from Dinh Lang tree, clean vegetables
  • Products and services providing domestic solid waste treatment
  • Wholesale of solid, liquid, gaseous fuels and related products
  • Purchasing and processing rubber latex. Making raw rubber products for export
  • Building a forest product processing factory. Products and services providing sawn timber and dried wood from planted forests
  • Warehouses for storing imported and exported goods, combined with gathering yards for inspection of imported and exported goods

Preferential policies at Bo Y Economic Zone:

Incentives on corporate income tax:

  • Preferential tax rate of 10% for a period of 15 years
  • Tax exemption for 4 years, 50% reduction of payable tax for the next 9

Import tax incentives:

  • Tax exemption for goods imported for the production of export goods
  • Tax exemption for goods imported for processing and processed products for export
  • Tax exemption for goods exported for processing and imported processed products
  • Exemption from import tax on raw materials, supplies, and components for a period of 5 years
  • Tax exemption for goods produced, processed, recycled, or assembled in non-tariff zones
  • Exemption from tax on imported raw materials, supplies, and components for the production and assembly of medical equipment
  • Exemption from tax on imported goods to create fixed assets of beneficiaries of investment incentives

Exemption and reduction of land rent, land use levy, and land use tax.

  • Exemption from land rental during the period of capital construction but not exceeding 03 years from the date of issuance of the land lease decision (excluding cases of investment in construction, renovation, and expansion of production facilities)
  • Land rent exemption after the land rental exemption period of the basic construction period
  • 15 years for projects not on the list of sectors eligible for investment incentives.
  • 19 years for projects on the list of sectors eligible for investment incentives.

Main products of Bo Y Economic Zone:

  • Factory for rent is available
  • Industrial parkland for rent
  • Leasing land and building factories on request

Other facilities of Bo Y Economic Zone:

  • Security system
  • Water supply and drainage system
  • Internal infrastructure system
  • Clean water supply system
  • Garbage and wastewater treatment system
  • Fire protection system
  • Automatic wastewater monitoring system

In addition, businesses operating in Bo Y Economic Zone, Kon Tum Province will be able to use preferential services of the Vinasc Group system. Specific services such as:

  • Accounting service
  • Auditing service
  • Tax consulting service
  • Appraisal service
  • Legal and license consulting services
  • Established business services
  • Consulting and building internal control process services
  • Work permit, temporary residence services for foreigners

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