If you are searching for office space for rent in District 7, especially in the Phu My Hung area, Phu My Hung Tower is undoubtedly a top choice. With its modern design, prime location, and premium amenities, Phu My Hung Tower offers an ideal working environment for businesses. In this article, we will provide detailed information about this building, including technical specifications, history, advantages of location, amenities, design, workspace, and other benefits.

1. Technical Specifications

Phu My Hung Tower is built to international standards, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and modern working space for businesses. Some prominent technical details of the building include:

  • Height: The building consists of 25 floors above ground and 2 basement levels.
  • Floor area: The total floor area reaches up to 30,000 m².
  • Rentable area: Office spaces are flexible in size, ranging from 50 m² to 1,000 m², suitable for both small and large businesses.
  • Electrical system: 100% backup power system ensures uninterrupted operations.
  • Air conditioning system: Modern central air conditioning system ensures a cool environment year-round.
  • Elevators: Equipped with 6 high-speed elevators, minimizing waiting times.
  • Security: 24/7 security system with surveillance cameras and professional guards.

2. History

Phu My Hung Tower is a significant part of the development of the Phu My Hung urban area in District 7. This area has grown rapidly since the 2000s, becoming one of the economic, cultural, and educational hubs of Ho Chi Minh City. Construction of Phu My Hung Tower began in 2010 and was completed in 2013. Since then, the building has attracted many domestic and international businesses, contributing to the economic development of the area.

3. Location Advantages

The location of Phu My Hung Tower is a key factor making it an ideal destination for businesses seeking office space for rent in District 7. Some location advantages include:

  • Central Phu My Hung: Located at No. 8 Hoang Van Thai Street, Phu My Hung area, the building easily connects to other important areas in the city.
  • Convenient transportation: Close to major roads such as Nguyen Van Linh and Nguyen Luong Bang, making commuting easy and convenient.
  • Surrounding amenities: Near shopping centers like Crescent Mall and VivoCity, FV Hospital, and international schools like SSIS and CIS, providing easy access to necessary services for employees and customers.

4. Amenities

Phu My Hung Tower not only offers a modern office space but also provides numerous superior amenities to meet all business needs:

  • Restaurants and cafes: Elegant restaurants and cafes serving the dining and entertainment needs of employees.
  • Meeting and conference rooms: Fully equipped meeting rooms for professional meetings and conferences.
  • Recreation areas: Rest and recreation areas help employees recharge after stressful work hours.
  • Gym: Modern gym with full equipment, helping employees maintain health and fitness.

5. Design Advantages

The design of Phu My Hung Tower is executed by top architects, bringing a modern, luxurious, and convenient working space:

  • Modern design: Contemporary architecture with sophisticated lines, giving the building a modern and professional look.
  • Premium interiors: Using high-quality materials, the interiors are arranged reasonably, optimizing the use of space.
  • Natural light: Large windows maximize natural light, reducing electricity costs and creating a comfortable working environment.
  • Green landscape: Green spaces around the building create a fresh and pleasant working environment.

6. Workspace

The workspace at Phu My Hung Tower is designed to maximize the needs of businesses:

  • Open space: Open space design creates a comfortable feeling, promoting creativity and communication among employees.
  • Private offices: Separate offices ensure quiet and focused work.
  • Common areas: Modern common areas with facilities serve the entertainment and interaction needs of employees.
  • Office facilities: Fully equipped with amenities like air conditioning, lighting systems, and sound systems, creating a convenient and efficient working environment.

7. Other Advantages

Besides location, amenities, design, and workspace advantages, Phu My Hung Tower has many other highlights:

  • Professional management services: A professional management team always ready to support businesses in all issues related to office operation and use.
  • Flexible rental policies: Flexible rental policies suitable for the needs and budgets of each business.
  • International working environment: Phu My Hung Tower attracts many international businesses, creating a diverse and rich working environment, helping businesses easily connect and expand their relationships.

8. Rental Prices and Other Costs

Phu My Hung Tower offers competitive rental office packages suitable for the budgets of many businesses:

  • Rental prices: Rental prices range from $20/m² to $30/m², depending on the location and area of the office.
  • Management fees: Management fees from $4/m² to $6/m², including services such as security, cleaning, and maintenance.
  • Electricity and water costs: Electricity and water costs are calculated based on actual consumption, ensuring transparency and reasonableness.

9. Conclusion

If you are searching for office space for rent in District 7, especially in the Phu My Hung area, Phu My Hung Tower is a perfect choice. With its prime location, modern design, premium amenities, and professional working space, this building meets all the needs of businesses. Contact us now for more details and consultation on office rental packages at Phu My Hung Tower.

Property Features

  • air conditional
  • Backup power
  • Rating: A